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I am so excited to share a list of what I have learned and observed from my two sons who are five and eight. As a parent, I have discovered that little children can be so free and peaceful with their decisions, choices, and how they show up.

I have captured the phrases my sons say and the actions they do. They remind me to be present, confidently be myself, and love who I am.  

I wonder if we possessed the confident characteristics of a child such as; being playful, loving, lively, and all non-judgmental, would our every action be a total game-changer?

Do you have children? If not, just observe a child.

What do you see them do confidently?

What are they teaching you?

 So here it is, 130 things I’ve learned from my children:

1. Being real, loyal, and honest

2. Ask for what I want

3. Be confident

4. Have fun

5. It’s OK to cry

6. Be playful

7. Be funny

8. Laugh and laugh and laugh

9. Be flexible

10. Be myself

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11. Love myself

12. Ask for what I need

13. Be picky about my choices

14. I can scream, yell when I need it

15. Speak up

16. Be respectful

17. I don’t need permission to be me

18. I can be fearless

19. I might get hurt but can always try again

20. I can break rules

21. I allow others to care for me

22. I love nature

23. I love animal

24. I love my body and how I look

25. I can be curious

26. Be happy

27. Love, love, love

28. Believe in the intelligence of life (GOD)

29. Chase butterflies

30. Be excited seeing a caterpillar

31. Keep my words

32. Be committed

33. Be family-oriented

34. Share only what I choose

35. Be excited

36. Love my new day

37. Love my friends

38. Love my family

39. Celebrate, jump!

four girls lying on the coach with face masks on having a balanced life

40. Receive my gifts and presents with excitement

41. A new toy a day

42. Be acceptable

43. Receive, retained and give

44. Love the Earth.

45. Love God

46. Are we hurting Mama Earth?

47. Love reading

48. Say “I love you”

49. It’s OK to get angry

50. I’m not perfect but it’s ok

51. I am complete, I can do it

52. I need to eat 3 times a day and snacks too

53. I’m not shameful

54. I speak my mind

55. Say “I’m sorry”

56. I am allowed to make funny body movements

57. I have feelings

58. I have a voice

59. I am loved

60. I belong

61. I love unconditionally

62. I’m cute, beautiful and I’m not afraid to show it

63. I can run naked

64. I love hugs

65. I love to pray

66. I am safe

67. I can be messy and it’s okay

68. I play in the dirt and I love it

69. Rocks are collectible crystals

Ying Lo holds a huge pink heart

70. Rocks are from the dinosaur time

71. Is lava hot?

72. I’m going to build a force field around the Earth when I grow up

73. Money is from God

74. Materials are free, I can take it anytime

75. The Bible is the history

76. Books are written for feeling good

77. Spider is cool because it connects

78. Recycle so the North Pole doesn’t melt

79. Exercise, my body needs it

80. Game is only for fun

81. Family pray together

82. Laugh out loud

83. Confidently compliment myself and others

84. Colors make things beautiful

85. Be electric cool

86. My force field protects me

87. Prayer makes me feel good

88. I’m not a meat-eater

89. I am a meat eater

90. One thing that will never change is “we’re brothers, we’re sisters, we’re family”

mum helping daughter put out open sign enjoying parenting thanks to being coached

91. Do you know who I love most? YOU!

92. Ice cream makes me happy

93. Sing as loud as I can

94. I play imagination

95. I love playing by myself because I love myself

96. We wait for each other

97. I will pray for you

98. I have a daily routine

99. I connect with my Heart

100. We pray together

101. Disagreed but forgive quickly and return to love quickly

102. Hi, Hello, Good morning

103. Ask, where are you going?

104. Ask, play with me?

105. I am not a machine, I don’t need a charger

106. I release being angry quickly

107. I reclaim my smartness

108. I am becoming a third grader

109. I am becoming 5

110. I release my diaper

111. I reclaim love

112. Pray first

113. No room for failure, play again

114. Do only my part

115. Is that a human?

116. I need a hug

117. I need love

118. Snuggle is love

119. Forgive quickly, forget quickly

120. Dance like no one is watching

121. Wear sparkly clothes

122. Wear dress shirt with sweat pants

123. Be persistent with what I want

124. Love looking at myself in the mirror

125. Laugh at myself

126. Smile

127. Say, what’s for lunch?

128. Love makes a happy day

129. I’m angry, I don’t want to talk now

130. I’m ready to talk, let’s talk now

Sending you love,

Yingy Lo x

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