Join me in this Masterclass where I will give you 3 easy to implement techniques to break-free from maternal overwhelm, so you can find the balance and freedom you desire!

With Yingy Lo

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I am a Mother of 8 children, a business owner, and a Transformation Coach for Moms, and I can’t wait to share with you the techniques and tools that have changed my life!

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Open Invitation for all Mothers to…..

  • Break free from the outdated patterns of the mothers before you by releasing the energy blocks in your body.
  • Let go of old habits and behaviors that no longer work so you can become present.
  • Focus on your part and be centered inside yourself.

By saying “YES”, you will receive the superpowers of…

  • Being calm, centered, and present.
  • Focus on your own energy and flow.
  • Validating yourself for what is true for YOU!
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You need this Masterclass if you are…..

  • Frustrated, resentful, feeling like you’re a servant to your family, work, and life.
  • Burnout & unable to move forward.
  • Seeking answers & solutions to keep your head above the water in your work and life.

Drawing from my own experience, my work with clients, and my training, I have developed a program to support Mothers just like you to break free of burnout and live life with CONFIDENCE!

In this Masterclass, you will receive daily emails with short videos explaining how to implement these very simple techniques that will literally transform your life! 

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See you on the other side!

*DISCLAIMER: This Masterclass is free and will offer actionable steps to stay out of burnout in your life. It is not a substitute for therapy and does not guarantee results.