Revolution Journey of the heart:

Radical Rebirth 6 Month Coaching Program

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You’ve taken the first step to find the balance, peace, and joy that you so desperately crave in your professional and personal life.

Running a busy, multi-faceted household and juggling the demands of a career, is a huge responsibility and the pressures can sometimes feel overwhelming.

You feel as though you’re running on fumes and something has to give…it’s likely you! But you can’t. After all…you’re the glue that holds the family together!

That was me 10 years ago. I was conforming to others’ expectations, feeling trapped by demands and responsibilities, and feeling powerless and voiceless to break free. I knew that life could be better, that I deserved more! I just didn’t know how to achieve it.

Today, life looks so different!

It was only when I learned to release relationships that no longer served me, let go of people’s expectations, and finally said “No” to things that limit my growth, I was able to find the harmonious balance I desired.

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Revolution Journey of the heart:

Radical Rebirth 6 Month Coaching Program

Join me on this 6-month program. I will show you the steps I took to reclaim my power, and design a life that was sustainable, prosperous, joyful, and harmonious. 

Who is it for?

Ambitious, high-achieving moms who desire to make an impact in the world and have a happy family life, with time for fun and play without the sacrifice or burnout.

Do you imagine a day when you can stop fulfilling the expectations and demands put on you by others and be free to just be YOU? To have a voice, be accepted, and be valued exactly the way you are? To have the space to focus on your big dream, and feel fulfilled.

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Do you?

  • Feel exhausted and burnt out; there isn’t enough of you to go around!
  • Work long hours and focus on “doing more…but you’re not making personal progress because you are lost in the demands and expectations of others.
  • Say “yes” to everyone, even though you’re overwhelmed, overworked, and unappreciated!
  • Take on cultural traditions of ‘compliance’ and adopt roles that do not align with your “true self”, which diminishes your strength, value, and self-confidence.
  • Have a long list of priorities and dreams that keeps growing…but you tell yourself you can handle it because that’s what a strong and successful woman would do.

You’re smart! You know your life doesn’t have to be this hard! You have a big dream…. Deep in your heart, you know it’s not right for you to live this way. You just don’t know how to do it differently.

Rest assured…you are not alone!

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Let me show you how to turn your challenges into your life confidence!

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How I help…

Together, I work with you to:

  • Carve new paths, transforming outdated generational and family belief systems.
  • Navigate and explore the life situations and circumstances that are causing you pain, so you can release and reclaim you.
  • Acknowledge the maternal gifts from the women who went before you, to accelerate the results you desire to create.
  • Create greater impact and success in every aspect of your life.
  • Partner with your inner wisdom, superpowers, and love, so you can be a model for the next generation, truly authentic to your heart and soul.

"As a mom, Ying helped me recognize that I was separating my dreams from my vision for my family, making it difficult to realize both at the same time.  With gentleness and compassion, she helped me discover ways to include all of our needs in my daily decisions, as well as my long-term vision.  I feel happier and more supported than I have ever been, and my family is thriving as a result.  Thank you, Ying!"    

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What will you achieve with coaching support from me?

  1.  You will learn to design a life that is sustainable; one that allows you to share your gifts with the people you love and lead with confidence.
  2.  You’ll explore the power of your influence, connecting more deeply to your sacred work as a mother while creating the space to make more money doing the work you love.
  3.  You will practice the art of boundaries so that you create relationships that ONLY bring joy and fulfillment.
  4.  You will learn to fall back in love with yourself. You’ll release what you no longer need, preserve only that which is good, reclaim the parts of you that have been lost, and finally become YOU (the ‘you’ that you know is there and so deeply wish to claim!)

Let this powerful work begin!

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This is exactly what you are going to receive from me as your coach:

  • 4 Hour Intensive via Zoom or in person.
  • 10 x 1:1 Coaching Sessions (60 minutes) on Zoom.
  • Access to my Breath-Work Techniques and Guided Meditations.
  • A Design Daily Practice you can do anytime to keep you grounded.
  • An Ancient Chinese Feng-Shui Design Plan for your home and office to enhance your energy, and plug draining energy leaks to support your growth
  • Access to my “SELF-DATE” Sustainability Formula
  • Access to my support between sessions via email or text
  • Nutrition recommendations (optional)

Book a FREE 30 minutes Break Free from Compliance to Empowerment Call with me today. Together, we will find the best way to support you to move forward effectively.

The end results?

  • Experience harmony and sustainability in your family and your work.
  • Create your own blueprint identity with passion, clarity, and purpose.
  • Fall back in love with you and embrace self-nurture and attention.
  • Hone your power of influence in your work and family, create your financial dream and have time for fun, play, and enjoying your life.
  • Live your life with powerful intentions and take authentic actions to become who you were meant to be with confidence.

Frequently asked Questions

We will have coaching calls via Zoom either weekly or 2x a month for 60 minutes. Each meeting, you will be given individual assignments that will include journaling, yoga techniques, and breathing practices for deeper healing. Your safety is my number one priority, so I will tailor the assignments according to your needs. This is a collaborative journey; one we will travel together. We will explore with wonder, curiosity, and possibility, allowing you to reveal your own truth and find the already existing power you have within you.

Schedule a FREE complimentary call with me HERE to determine if we are a good match and explore what it might feel like to walk this powerful journey together. This is NOT a sales call; it’s only to discover if the program is a good match for you. If after talking you feel it’s not a fit, that’s ok.

There are two options available; we can journey together for 4 weeks (meeting weekly) or 6 months (meeting bi-weekly). Both options yield great results for my clients and support them to heal deeper. However, the 6-month option allows you the time to dive really deep into the details of your self-transformation journey.

If you’re not ready to do the work then the program is not the right fit for you. The program requires you to be committed to yourself and your work. You must be coachable; be willing to do things differently, and be willing to go within in order to heal, transform, and take action.

No, this is not a substitute for therapy, although there is NO “one size fits all” approach to healing. If you need professional therapy support, Google is a great place to look for support in your area, otherwise, if you have any additional questions, you are welcome to contact me.

Transformation Coaching is a dynamic, growth-oriented relationship that creates a container for the client to tap into their deeper potentials. It gives you, the client, the opportunity to release self-limiting beliefs and patterns. Transformation is a very specific type of change that takes place at multiple levels depending on your beliefs, values, identity and spirituality. This is the work I do.
Traditional Life Coaching is an ongoing relationship that focuses on clients taking action towards the realization of their vision, goals, or desires. It’s a personal discovery process of inquiry to build the client’s level of awareness, responsibility and provides the client the structure, support, and feedback necessary.

Yes, everything you share will be kept confidential. I will never share anything without your consent. You will receive a contract to sign once you decide that this program is right for you. In the contract, you will find terms, conditions, and payment methods along with my commitment to keep our work together confidential.

$250 to $3,000 depending on the level of commitment you choose. I have payment plans available.

"Before working with Ying, I wasn't aware of the traumas and stories I held within me. I faced a lot of frustration, overwhelms, and internal imbalance.  It never came to my awareness that these challenges were a result of past stories that I was holding on to that co-create themselves into different areas of my life that weren't healed. However, through Ying's amazing support and compassionate love, I was able to unlock these parts of myself that were stored away for so long. I was able to rewrite some of these stories. Through my transformation experience, I truly believe I came out with a deeper understanding of myself and incorporated the mantras and breathing exercises I learned through my sessions into my everyday life. I can truly say in my work with Ying, I have grown a lot in my personal growth, healed my habits, and mentality. Thank you Ying for empowering women to be the best version of themselves!"

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Book a FREE 30 minutes Break Free from Compliance to Empowerment Call with me today. Together, we will find the best way to support you to move forward effectively.

Let’s talk and see whether I am a good match to support you on this journey.