“Successful mothers are not the ones that never struggled. They are the ones that never give up, despite the struggles.”

~Sharon Jaynes

A working mom can create a beautiful and successful life but it can also be the hardest challenge she will face; to be both raising children and pursuing her dreams.

No book has all the answers to being a good mother while juggling a demanding business or career. And there are no right answers to solve the challenges of motherhood and the pursuit of personal dreams when societal expectations demand that she can handle it all. It can feel be a burden for a mother who is both a mom and a professional; the responsibilities and demands are enormous!

You’re smart! When you chose to become a mother and a professional, you knew there would be challenges! You also know that your lifestyle is much more than just a dream. The work is challenging and there are no right answers. But, this does not mean that success in your personal and professional life is impossible. The truth is, the responsibilities are similar in many ways. 

mom holding her baby trying to be a good parent

When you are trying to create work-life harmony, there is one idea that it helps to embrace.

Every lesson drawn from motherhood can also be applied in your professional setting and this can create a win-win for you!

When you’re a mother and a professional, you’re a master of multi-tasking and knowing what’s needed in any environment.

You’re the superwoman and supermom!

Studies show that kids with working moms are more independent, have a stronger sense of self-worth, and take on responsibility at a young age. This validates that working moms can enrich their life not only in the current moment but also in the future success of the next generation.

If you are being pressured by life demands, I recommend you pay attention to these three areas in your life: Time, Priorities, and Negotiation.

Oftentimes, you forget that the simple tools you already have are within your reach with a little tweak.

“Paying attention is the most basic and profound expression of love.”

~ Tara Brach

Time Discipline

There are two things that every human alive receives in equal share and it’s free: Air and Time! Every human has 24 hours a day. We need 8 hours of sleep, most places required 8 hours of work. Where did the other 8 hours go?

You are in control of your time daily. The old fashion to-do list never gets old, it helps to keep you prioritized and focus on the next step. When there is clarity of time you’ll experience momentum and progress in the area that you desire.

Respecting YOUR Priorities

When a plane is ready to take off, you’ll hear an announcement that sounds similar to this, “in case of emergency put your mask on first before helping others”. This also applies to a working mom’s life.

Respect your own priorities. Your day begins with your priority and ends with your priority. You will realize that the best way to go about your work and life starts with knowing what your part is by saying “yes” to what matters most to you.

And say “no” to what is not!

Remember, you are your priority.

laptop with open notebook in front of it and next to it is a coffee

Negotiate What You Need

You’re a mom, you do this all the time when your kids are demanding pizza, McDonald’s, or going out with friends late at night!

You’re conscious that the lack of leadership has no place at the negotiating table when you are bargaining with clients, vendors, children, or family members. All these skills can be applied to every area of your life and relationships. You’re already on the fast track, you just don’t know it yet.

“Energy flows where attention goes.”

~ Michael Beckwith

When you respect your time and claim your priorities, asking for what you need is not shameful.

As a mom, being successful in your career may be the goal, but bringing your family with you is the treasure. There is no more joy than being successful in your professional life and still having time to bond with your family. You love seeing your children succeed because you’ve made a difference. You’re the role model!

Sending You Love,

Yingy Lo x

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