Do you feel excited when you finally break through an old pattern and then feel like a failure again when you get knocked back into the same old pattern of burned out, exhaustions, or unfulfillment?

If you have been feeling this way, you’re not alone. Most of us high achiever moms have been working to have better relationships, and create a more purposeful career and life for a long time. 

We may have it all but we still feel something is missing…

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I have personally experienced having it all outwardly but inward, I feel discontented and restless for so much more. I have worked on myself for years and educated myself to have better relationships, health, purpose, and have accomplished worthwhile goals. While I have made progress and outwardly have it all, I’m not fulfilled.

Most smart and ambitious mothers believe that they’ve been unable to have relationships, love, and a thriving life because they don’t have enough time, money, support, or training they need.

While the truth is, we are powerful and we can have the life we want without sacrifice. We just have NOT yet cultivated the self-leadership to generate those things we deeply desire.

Despite all the wonderful things we already have in our lives, we don’t have access to the role models we need to thrive in this modern time, and instead, we fall back into burn-out using the methods from the mothers before us. What we experience is NOT a sign of weakness, it’s a collective problem all high achiever mothers faced in this extraordinary time of possibilities and human evolution.

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To create the things that we deeply yearn for we must cultivate a new way of becoming; a Revolution Journey of the Heart where you tap into your inner knowing, insight, capacity, experience, wisdom, and more.

When you take full responsibility for your inner journey of becoming, you’re ready to:

  • Un-learn what you may have already known. You will tap into areas of your life that may have been forgotten so that they can be acknowledged and witnessed to be released or preserved. This may be one of the most challenging steps. This step will support you to embrace your inner power and have a deeper connection to who you are as a powerful creator of your life.
  • Cultivate the self-belief that your dream is possible. You yearn for a life that is rich outwardly and inwardly. You need a new system of belief that you deserve it and you have the power to create it.
  • Be your hero. You’re connected to your inner channel of energy, wisdom, insights, knowledge, support, and capacity; you take full responsibility for yourself and own it so that you can begin to create relationships and lives that reflect and match your true value. You are your truest hero!

When you begin to show up in ways that are powerful and unique to YOU, you begin to empower those you love and allow them to flourish and thrive with you. You’re attuned to your heart’s desires and develop unshakeable trust in yourself. You love being YOU!

You got this! Be unshakeable!



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